With the right experience, a computer training business can be a great option for someone looking to start a business. Are you planning to start your Own Computer Classes in Guduvancheri? Congratulations, you have adopted a very successful business model (if executed well). In this article, we will discuss about all the factors that you should consider and work on before starting your own Computer Classes in Guduvancheri. Read this article till last, we have also discussed how you can automate most of the process involved in a Profitable Computer Training Business Model.

So we have divided the key elements of a Starting a Profitable Computer Training Business into 5 parts:

1. Infrastructure Required

2. Course & Syllabus

3. Teaching Faculty

4. Certification & Examination Model

5. Registration & Marketing

Let's dive little more in-depth and understand the key elements in detail.

1. Infrastructure Required:

While we discuss about setting any educational organisation, we have to make sure that the studying area and campus area should provide a positive enviornment for students to study and learn well. Beside this, while setting up a Computer Classes we need to have the right type of computers. But How much computer do we need on initial base? Do we need some advance computers or basic will do? So by answering such questions, we recommened you to start with the area of minimum 500 sq.ft. so that it can accomodate atleast 15 students at a time, with seperate area for inquiry desk. If we talk about accomodating 15 students at a time, then 15 Computers is necessary. We would suggest setup 10 Basic Computers & 5 Advance Computers. Depending on the type of students getting enrolled day by day you can later upgrade the Basic Computers to Advance. You have to invest in various Software Licenses so that you can provide students with the dedicated course. Few licenses that is a must for computer training institute are Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud & CorelDRAW Graphics Suite Beyond that you have to set up a proper inquiry desk to handle new inquiries and admissions. Inquiry desk should accomodate atleat 3 persons at a time besides inquiry handler. Don't forget a Good High Speed Connection for your Centre. If you are setting up a computer training centre in remote area with electricity cut-off problem, we will recommend an inverter and UPS as well.

2. Course & Syllabus

Designing Courses and it's syllabus is one of the most important task while starting a Computer Training Institute. You have to make sure that the course you're designing should fulfill the skillset required by the corporates in your area or region. Suppose you're designing a course for Accounting Working Professionals who wants to use computers for better efficiency in accounting, you should cover all the softwares and tools that can be used by Accounting professionals to perform their daily task. You have to cover in-depth topics on How to use a Software? Features, Functions, Live Projects & everything that is related to that tool or software. You have to design the course with theories and practicals. Theories to clear the Basics & Practicals to explain the terms in real time. You should also provide special ebooks for each course to students for future reference.

Note: If possible, Consider some suggestions and recommendation from working professionals and industry experts to better understand the requirement of skills.

3. Teaching Faculty

Finding Right Teaching Faculty is important, but as much as possible try to teach students by yourself in initial days to avoid extra costs. If you have already made up your mind to recruit some teaching faculty, then a simple job posting on different job portals will get the work done. Schedule the Interview and Check that whether the faculty is skilled enough to teach that particular course. Try taking some practical tests as well. We also suggest that you should conduct atleast one demo lecture to get better understanding between faculty and students. Once you are done with tests and demo lectures, you can now decide whether to recruit the candidate as Full-Time Faculty or Visiting Faculty. Full-time faculty means an individual who has a full-time appointment as a faculty member. Visiting Faculty means an individual who teaches the students on contract basis, usually paid on percentage basis. (30% of Student Fees is a standard payout)

4. Certification & Examination Model

Providing students proper certifications for their respective courses is one major procedure to undergo in a skill development and training process. You have to continously work on your certification value or get affiliated with some other institutional bodies for certifications. Recommendations and Consideration from various Companies and Corporates will help you to increase valuation of your certificate. Do proper research before issuing any certification course. A non-considerable certification can have a negative impact on your Business Brand. If you are providing your own certifications, beside working on it's value you have to work on examination model too. Majorly there are three types of Examination Model involved in computer training institutes.
1. Examination Model with Short Answers: Mostly theory, Less Practicals.
2. Examination Model with Practical Answers: Mostly practical, Less to No Theory.
3. Examination Model with MCQs: Practical & Theory both can be included.
Once you've decided which examination model you want to adopt, start preparing Question Banks.

Note: Examination Model with MCQs can easily be Automated Online with automatic paper checking and grade allocation.

5. Registration & Marketing

Setting up any Business starts with proper registration and documentation. There is no fixed registration type for Computer Training Institute. You can choose any one from Sole Propreitorship, Partnership or Private Limited, whichever is convenient for you. You should also calculate the Capital required whether it is a fixed or working. 90% of your working capital will be invested in Marketing Process. You can promote your Computer Classes locally to attract more students and inquiries. Learn how to generate local leads for computer courses. Distribute Pampletes, Publish Banners, Institute Website Promotion, Digital Marketing & other marketing techniques can help you generate leads. Track your leads with proper leads and monthly offers & discounts to boost conversions. Most of your admission will be in Part-Payment process. Make sure you are tracking the outstanding and receiving it on time for regular flow of income and expense.

We hope that you get atleast a rough idea of what are the requirements to start a computer classes in Guduvancheri. There are many other problems and hurdles that you have to face while starting a computer training institute from scratch. One of the most convenient way to start a computer classes in Guduvancheri is to buy a franchise of an existing computer training institute. This can save alot of your time and money. You don't have to work on Courses & Syllabus, Certification & Examination Process & even seperate registration and marketing. You just have to focus on infrastructure, teaching faculty and student training. There are many Computer Training Institutes that provide franchise in the different cities. Almost all of the Computer Training Franchise work on Royalty Basis i.e. Some Percentage in Profit; but Institute of Computing And Technoscience, A Non-Profit Organization registered under the Section 8 of Company's Act 2013, provide you with a computer training centre affiliation, which means you don't have to worry about Designing Course & Syllabus, Conducting Examination & Issuing Certification or even Local Marketing. You just have to focus on student enrollments and training. All this will be provided with No Royalty or Percentage sharing. Affiliate Partner just have to pay a minimal examination fees on behalf of students. To give you an idea of minimal, The maximum examination fees of the Professional Career Oriented Course with a duration of 1 year is 1500 INR, market price of that course will be around 1,00,000 INR.

Any Individual, Private Computer education centre or Coaching Centre, NGO/ Society /Trust, Skill Development Training Institutes can apply for affiliation.

Firstly, we just confirm your centre location, and then you have to send franchisee form along with all required documents and Cheque/Demand Draft/ Internet Banking payable at Guduvancheri, India issued in favour of Institute of Computing And Technoscience

On the initial stage the cost of acquiring the premises and computer, furniture and others will directly be borne by you. If you are already running your centre then there is no investment is required, only a small registration fees.

The centre requires 500-1500 Sq. Ft. of carpet area to start at any floor. The property title should have legal permissions for running a computer training centre. The building should be neatly maintained and should have an environment appropriate for running an educational institute.

IOCT is not charging any royalty on your gross collections. The fees collected from students and other revenue sources will directly goes to centre partner's account. There will be an examination and certification fees, which centre partner has to pay at the time of examination.

Not at all - whatever technical or marketing questions your clients ask the IOCT Support team always have the answers and skills to back you up. You can therefore concentrate on getting in front of as many local students as possible to build your revenue.

Golden Opportunity to Start your Own Computer Training Institute in Guduvancheri

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